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At Draslaric Group (DSRG), we bring the world of metaphysical wonders closer to you! As part of the Draslaric Holding Group Corporation, we're a special retail group offering a fascinating range of high-end metaphysical products and services. Our aim is to make the mystical accessible and enjoyable for everyone, reaching across 3 countries. — Discover the Magic of Transformation We believe in the power of transformation. Whether you're an individual seeking guidance or a business striving for positive change, our wide range of metaphysical solutions cater to your specific needs. — Our Promise of Excellence We are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience. Our friendly team of experts is always here to help you on your journey to self-improvement and enlightenment. — Join Us on This Extraordinary Adventure Draslaric Group (DSRG) invites you to embark on an extraordinary adventure. Unlock your hidden potential and find inner peace with our mystical products and services. Are you ready to explore the magic of Draslaric Group? Let's begin this incredible journey together!

— Our Mission "We strive to transform and uplift lives for a better future. Through our affordable yet exceptional metaphysical products and services, we empower individuals and businesses to thrive." Our Vision "We envision a brighter future for all across Asia, where we becomes the catalyst for positive change and personal growth. With our transformative metaphysical experiences, we aim to make life richer and more fulfilling for every individual we touch." —







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Draslaric Holding Group Corporation (DHGC), an esteemed and autonomous acquisition and investment holding corporation. We are a dynamic force focused on unlocking the full potential of businesses and individuals. Through strategic acquisitions, smart investments, and impactful angel programs, we drive growth and innovation in diverse industries.


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Introducing Foretellic: Your Personal Guide to a Better Future! At Foretellic, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to create a better future for themselves. We offer a range of transformative readings and consultations designed to provide valuable insights and guidance for personal growth and success. Our Main Services: • Life Analysis: Deeply understand life & self experiences. • Character Analysis: Discover your strengths and true potential. • Yearly Analysis: Get clear predictions for the year ahead. • Business Analysis: Improve your business with expert advice. • Feng Shui: Create harmony and prosperity with Feng Shui. Success Stories: Over the years, Foretellic has been instrumental in transforming the lives of over a million clients. With an impressive 95% accuracy rate, our readings have proven to be reliable and valuable tools for personal growth and decision-making. Join Foretellic today and take control of your future with confidence!

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Discover HODRATS™ - Elevate Your Essence with Draslaric®: At HODRATS™, we take pride in being experts in Agarwood and Sandalwood, representing the prestigious Draslaric Group. Our mission is to bring you the extraordinary world of Draslaric® - a high-end Spiritual and Metaphysical Fashion Brand that creates special products with unique properties. • Boosting your Affinity • Amplifying Love and Happiness • Attracting Wealth and Fortune • Enhancing Luck • Providing Spiritual Protection Crafted with care and limited edition exclusivity, Draslaric® products transcend seasons, empowering you with extraordinary experiences. Elevate your essence with HODRATS™ and Draslaric®. Embrace the magic of spirituality and luxury.

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Unlock Your Potential with 降龙玄: Your Path to Spiritual Growth Harmony, Healing, and Personal Growth At 降龙玄, where ancient wisdom meets modern spirituality. Discover transformative practices for personal growth and healing: • Clear Negativity: Renew your spirit through personal exorcism. • Harmonize Spaces: Purify your surroundings with place exorcism. • Embrace Strengths: Enhance your traits and overcome weaknesses. • Energize Items: Infuse products with positive energy for your benefit. • Create Positive Spaces: Uplift locations for growth and prosperity. • Unleash Your Potential: Develop new traits and capabilities. • Let Go of Limitations: Release burdens hindering your progress. Guidance and support provided throughout your transformative journey. Your well-being is our priority. Embrace transformation with 降龙玄. Discover a harmonious and empowered life.

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Presiding Master & Owner of the Mark

Grandmaster Lei Xiang, a world-renowned Master and Teacher in Metaphysics, travels the globe to inspire and guide people towards their life goals. Armed with Numerology, Geomancy, and deep metaphysical expertise, he quickly analyzes character, unlocking individuals' true potential. Invited to prestigious global events, his visionary perspective has earned him recognition in the realms of International Metaphysics Research, Global Paranormal Investigations, and more. In 2015, after four years of practice, Grandmaster Lei Xiang founded Draslaric®, the world's first Metaphysical Brand, offering transformative services and products enriched by his metaphysical prowess. His legacy as a guiding light in Metaphysics continues to touch countless lives worldwide.

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5th Generation of Yin Men Dong (陰門洞).

Yin Men Dong (YMD) is a highly respected metaphysical sect with its roots in China. Over time, it has extended its reach to other countries, including Thailand, the United States, and Singapore, where it has garnered a dedicated following of more than 4000 disciples worldwide. The sect is widely known for its unique combination of teachings, blending the ancient Mao Shan (茅山術) traditions with the profound wisdom of Lanna Mastery (泰國兰纳法術), earning it the appellation "SiamMao" (暹茅). One of the distinguishing features of YMD is its strict and rigorous approach to selecting and training Masters. The criteria for attaining the esteemed title of Master within the sect are exceptionally demanding, ensuring that only the most qualified and skilled individuals ascend to this position of authority. As a result, there are only a select few qualified Masters in the entire world, making their expertise and wisdom highly sought after. This emphasis on maintaining a high standard of Mastery has made YMD stand out as one of the elite sects in the realm of Metaphysics. The limited number of qualified Masters, however, does not diminish the sect's influence or global presence. On the contrary, YMD's stringent approach has cultivated a rare legacy of world-renowned Masters, who are widely recognized for their profound knowledge and mastery of metaphysical practices. Among these distinguished individuals is the esteemed Grandmaster Lei Xiang, whose contributions have further solidified YMD's reputation as a prominent force in the field. Despite the exclusivity of Mastership, YMD continues to thrive and expand, attracting seekers and disciples from various parts of the world. Its teachings and practices have touched the lives of countless individuals, fostering personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and a deeper understanding of metaphysical principles. In conclusion, Yin Men Dong (YMD) remains a symbol of metaphysical wisdom and enlightenment, spreading its influence across borders and gaining recognition as an elite sect in the realm of Metaphysics. With a select group of world-renowned Masters leading the way, YMD's legacy continues to inspire and transform the lives of its disciples worldwide. — Grandmaster: Ajahn Pee & Ajahn Meng Master: Ajahn Wei / Master Wei