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Draslaric Group is a group of companies and brand that offers a full suite of high-end metaphysical products and services to ease the diversity and provide the best metaphysical experiences, across 6 countries. Our mission is "To change and enhance daily lives for the future, by transforming and easing metaphysical processes." Our mission is separated into 2 different segments, first is our calling to aid and help individuals in changing and enhancing their future, and second to transform and ease all metaphysical processes by digitization. In order to fulfil our mission and vision, Draslaric had acquired over 6 companies, and also incorporated 3 in-house subsidiaries, Foretellic, HODRATS, 降龙玄, that offered different types of services, to provide a full comprehensive array of metaphysical products and services as ONE suite.


Foretellic provides life, yearly and geomancy readings and consultations. These readings and consultations includes step-by-step resolutions to help in changing, building, and enhancing individuals, to the best of their abilities and capabilities. We also advice and provide clear vision, goals, and direction to individuals on their path in life, and even creating a new path of their ideal path together realistically. These are the services that we provided: • Life and Character Analysis • Yearly Fortune Analysis • Business Analysis (Business Model, Concept and Manpower) • Traditional / Modern Feng Shui With a high 95% accuracy and 70% successful life-changing cases, on over 40,000 consultations for the past years, these services had always been our most popular.


HODRATS is a Agarwood and Sandalwood Connoisseur of Draslaric Group, and also the sole distributor for Draslaric, a high-end Spiritual and Metaphysical Designer Brand that manufacture products that are embed with esoteric practices to enhance the traits of individuals such as: • Affinity • Love • Wealth • Fortune • Luck • Spiritual Protection In addition to the unique functionalities, Draslaric had also placed special emphasis on the quality to ensure the best grade was produced. All products are checked for blemishes at least three times before sending it to our boutiques or customers. All of Draslaric products are non-seasonal. All of Draslaric clothing and bag products are limited edition by quantity and time.


降龙玄 provides spiritual and explicit practices. These practices help to resolve spiritual distress, and provide enhancement to numerous traits of individuals. The practices are consisting of: • Personal Exorcism • Place Exorcism • Personal Trait Enhancement • Product Trait Enhancement • Place Trait Enhancement • Impelling Explicit Traits • Extracting Explicit Traits Follow-up sessions will also be provided as we tries to ensure that the service(s) is a success. However, most of the time, it will take some time to see the results of the service(s). * Subjected to approval, case basis.

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Group Chief Executive Officer & Owner of the Mark

Ajahn Jarius Draslaric is an accomplished World-renowned Master and Teacher in the field of Metaphysics. Traveling throughout the year to pursue the farthest expanses of Earth, Master Jarius works to inspire, motivate, guide people to consider their relationship with others, while guiding them to the correct lifestyle and mentality in achieving their lifetime goals. Layered with Numerology, Geomancy and the deep expertise and knowledge in metaphysics, Master Jarius is known for his skills in character analysis within minutes, thus, guiding people in doing the best of their abilities and capabilities. His visionary perspective and foresight has earned him opportunities to be invited to global, prominent campaigns such as, International Metaphysics Research, Global Paranormal Investigations, Global Exorcists Meet, International Fortune-Telling and Numerology Talks, Seminars, and Events. In 2015, upon his 4th year as a practitioner, Master Jarius decided to move into the journey of entrepreneurship and founded Draslaric. Providing metaphysical services, and enhancing its products with his expertise in metaphysics practices, he created the first and only Metaphysical Brand in the World.

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5th generation of Yin Men Dong (陰門洞).

A sect founded and originated in China, later spread to Thailand, and lastly to the U.S. and Singapore. Yin Men Dong (YMD) held its reputation of being known as SiamMao (暹茅), which also meant by the combination of Mao Shan (茅山術) and Thai Mastery (泰國法術). The sect is currently holding over 4000 disciples worldwide, and expanding, throughout the World. Despite the high number of discipleship, the qualifications and criteria of being a Master for the sect are extremely stringent. This had led to most of the disciples to be unable to step up in becoming a Master for the sect, therefore, there are only a handful of qualified Masters in the whole World. However, due to the stringent qualifications and criteria, YMD had became one of the elite sects in the field of Metaphysics with a significant number of World-renowned Masters, including Master Jarius.