How to confirm the authenticity of a Draslaric website or representative?

Draslaric Group takes fraudulent websites and impersonation emails seriously. Always check for the domain before entering any websites, replying any emails, or providing any information.

DRASLARIC'S AUTHENTICITY POLICY Last updated: 4th Feb 2023 If you chanced upon or entering any websites that claimed to be by Draslaric Group, check the domain or website address against the sites that Draslaric Group holds, which are listed below If you are contacted by any Draslaric Group representative, ask the representative to send you an email. The contents of the email must be similar to the contents that was spoken about, you can then confirm if the representative is from Draslaric Group by checking their email address against the domains we holds, which are listed below. Draslaric Group held the following domains: - - - - - - - - - Additionally, Draslaric Group provides unique email addresses for our Authorized Resellers for authentication purposes. You may now authenticate our Authorized Resellers with the following email address: - Please also take note that Draslaric Authorized Resellers are not representatives of Draslaric office. However, the website for is an official site of Draslaric Group. Draslaric Group representatives will NEVER send email with other email addresses that are not listed above, even though there might be a chance where the word "Draslaric" is within the domain. You may also email to, or for verification on the representative's identity.

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